• COVID-19 Prevention Tea Package

One package of TaiChi Formula Series of  Tea Bags:   (Trademark Products by Show TCM Health- This is based on Spatial science theory and incorporated in modern cell biology and traditional Chinese medicine systematic yin-yang balance theory.

One package consisting the following two types of tea bags:

1. TaiChi YinYang Balancing Tea (10 bags for 10 days)

2. TaiChi Axis  (10 bages for 10 days)

These two types of combined tea, if taken alternatively, could promote your overall Qi flow and boost your immune system.   

One bag per day.

Good taste.  Easy tea drink.

100% natural herbs.

1. TaiChi Yin Yang Balancing Tea (10 bags fro 10 days) :  This hebal tea is made of two types of herbs with special Yin Yang ratio.   It's purpose is to promte the overal qi flow in your body.  Most people will get qi stagnation/blockage at the upper jiao of your body.  COVID-19 patients are also like that.    This tea, if taken regularly, could unblock these qi stagnation.  It is not targeted for any disease, but due to its yin yang balancing nature, it is beneficial for most types of health problems.

2. TaiChi Axis (10 bags for 10 days) :  Like the function of a car wheel Axis,  TchiChi Axis  could help boost your middle jiao (stomach and spleen system) function, which will then bring all the organ system (5 elements) to move like a wheel.   It's a very effective way to boost your immune system.

Usage Direction:

1. Alternate the two types of herbal tea (i.e, first day, TaiChi Yin Yang,  2nd day, TaiChi Axis)

2. Rinse the tea:  put the whole tea bag (don't open) in a cup,  pour some hot water, soak/rinse for 2 seconds.  Then pour the water out.

3. Pour one cup of boiling water into the cup with the tea bag (better a thermo cup or bottle), cover the lid and let it soak for 3 minutes or so.

4. Lift the lid and let it cool down a little bit , until it's still warm-hot but not burning.  Just like you drink hot coffee or tea.

5. Keep pouring boiling water when it's getting too thick or getting cold.  

6. Keep sipping the tea through the whole day before dinner time.  

7. Total water amount for the whole day (about  3 tea cups in average).   Not very strict.

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COVID-19 Prevention Tea Package

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